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Jessica Antonelli 
Licensed Massage Bodywork Therapist, NC #15459
J'laine Thompson 
Licensed Massage Bodywork Therapist, NC#19772

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Massage Therapist

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Jessica Antonelli

Jessica is a Licensed Massage Bodywork Therapist that has been practicing for ten years. Jessica is passionate about Massage Therapy and strives to provide the best therapeutic experience allowing deep relaxation for all of her clients. Past work experience in practicing Massage Therapy is with Chiropractic offices, and Corrective Exercise Facilities; this has helped Jessica develop a skill set allowing her client base to grow and flourish.

Additional massage modalities include:

Neuromuscular Massage

Core Stone Therapy (Hot & Cold)

Pin and Stretch techniques


Essential Oil Body Balancing Protocols.


Advanced training in joint replacement therapy, knee pain, injury prevention, and self care.

J'laine Thompson 

J'laine is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist who has been practicing for 4 years. J'laine has a very calming and nurturing presence. Her main goal is to help her clients with pain relief and pain management using therapeutic massage modalities. 


Massage modalities include:

*Neuromuscular Massage

*Therapeutic Cupping

*TMJ and Tension Headache Massage

*Lymphatic Massage

*Prenatal Massage


Past work experience with pain management and recovery, post surgery, oncology and medical massage.


Originally from Colorado, J'laine moved to North Carolina 6 years ago to have the best of both worlds living near the mountains as well as the beaches.


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